Interior Design

Concept: Art

To create unique room experiences, the interior has to form a successful unity. Sometimes this unity can be seen instantly, sometimes the guest can just subconsciously perceive it. The result either way is a feeling of astonishment and wellbeing. The guest would always return to this particular spot!

To design your lobby, your reception desk, your office or meeting rooms, your guestrooms, your dining or show room in an individual and sustainable way, we can offer you:

  • Creative concepts, incl. Visualizations
  • Colour-coordinated wall and floor designs
  • Light installations and concrete works for wall conceptions
  • Selection of canvases and sculptures matching the concept of your house
  • Selection of furniture, incl. production of your own furniture creations matching the concept of your house
  • Production of outdoor sculptures


  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Industrial companies
  • Private Houses